Bamboo Feet asked us to create a brand scheme for their online retail business selling bamboo products and other similarly green clothing with a very definite eco-friendly message.

Bamboo fabric is quickly becoming a popular alternative to traditional fabrics such as cotton and silk. Because bamboo is a fast-growing plant, the fabric produced from it is very sustainable. It needs very little water, fertiliser, or pesticides and because Bamboo is naturally regenerating, the process of harvesting bamboo encourages the plant to regrow and survive avoiding the need for planting and clearing.

The fabric produced is very soft and a great alternative to traditional intensively farmed materials. Bamboofeet needed their customers to understand that they had found a place where they could get great super soft socks and underwear from a selection of like-minded manufacturers and without costing the earth.

Our brief was to create an umbrella brand and slogan to convey their ethos and a brand portfolio that would enable consistent application to their website, social marketing, packaging and other collateral.